Elevate Marketing is a leading full service interactive advertising agency with a unique marketing process that gives our clients the EDGE over their competition.  Elevate Marketing is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

We serve local and national clients, including for profit and non-profit organizations.  Edge Media boasts over 50 years of combined marketing experience, but our experienced advertising and marketing consultants are still committed to the lifelong learning process.  We believe our clients' great results can always get better! We measure responses in an ongoing effort to increase profits for our clients.

The ELEVATE approach includes thorough market research which guides our marketing strategies. Our scientific approach eliminates guesswork and controls variables that can impact results. Research based marketing strategies are matched with appropriate marketing channels to deliver measurable ROI. We test small samples, measure results, and are constantly improving response as a result of the unique Elevate Marketing approach.









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What Makes Elevate Marketing a Leading Interactive Agency

Elevate Marketing is on the cutting edge of technology, integrating new media channels into our marketing strategies as they become available.

 Our experienced advertising and marketing consultants are not afraid to get out of the box.  We used mobile marketing before it was mainstream, social media when there were just a few tweets, and believe the time for interactive media has arrived!   Elevate Marketing is research based, strategy driven, and results focused. Our advertising and marketing consultants deliver superior results by eliminating the guesswork from the marketing process.  At Elevate Marketing we weave marketing strategy into everything we do, making our clients' marketing dollars work harder and smarter.  We are accountable and available.   For a Elevate Marketing free marketing consultation,  click here.

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Elevate Marketing offers creative, innovative, and turnkey revenue solutions to broadcast clients.  With over 50 years of combined radio experience, we know what it takes to generate sales.  Our radio revenue solutions give our clients the edge over their market competitors with programs that create high consumer & advertiser demand, and can't be replicated by the competition. 

Our proprietary solutions integrate radio with internet, mobile, social media, text messaging, and e-mail to deliver exceptional value and results for stations and their advertisers.  Visit our Radio Revenue Solutions page for more information.  Click Here 

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Marketing in an Economic Downturn
Use Text Message Marketing to Make Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder!
For more information on text message marketing, click here:  Mobile Marketing
In times of economic uncertainty, business owners close their checkbooks and marketers scratch their heads. In part, the economic climate has forced change in the marketing world. At Elevate Marketing, we accept the mandate for accountability for every marketing dollar spent. Marketing strategies must be trackable, measurable, and most importantly, successful.

As a leading interactive agency,  we have committed to really pushing the envelope and have turned over every rock imaginable, looking at media channels, technology, and most importantly, strategy. Every marketing dollar has to be backed by strategy - what is the goal? What is the process? How do we move from A to B to C? Are we capturing the data? What are we doing with the data once captured? What are we learning about the data? How can we improve? 

At Elevate Media, our expert marketing and advertising consultants are working with new and exciting media channels, including social media optimization which has already increased traffic eight-fold for one website, and are busy integrating mobile marketing (text or SMS) into our clients' campaigns. We developed Elevate Mobile, a proprietary SMS marketing software system that delivers bulk SMS services to our clients. Why new media in times of economic uncertainty? We want to speak the language that our clients' customers speak, which is why social media sites and text messaging make perfect sense in the marketing mix.

The basics do not go away because new media is being used, they are integrated into the planning. Consider using radio that has a text in response message. The text message response then includes a link to a website. Capture the data on the landing page of the website. Create an e-mail marketing campaign with the captured data. It is a beautiful thing to move through the process in a measurable way with solid results to deliver for clients. This integrated strategy sets us apart from other advertising agencies in Phoenix,AZ to truly be an industry leading interactive agency.
For more information on text message marketing, click here: Mobile Marketing
Elevate Marketing is a full service, leading interactive agency located in Phoenix, AZ.

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